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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Paul E. Bombardier,   Editor
June, 2017

 Commander Ray Ewing

For the benefit of those that did not attend the May meeting, and to further enlighten all of us concerning the Korean War Memorial “Wall of Remembrance” project I briefly recount the events of that day.

  Col. William Weber, President Emeritus of the Korean War Memorial Foundation spoke about that project.

First a little about The Colonel. Bill is a retired (37years and 7 months) veteran of both WWII and the Korean War. He is a highly-decorated Airborne Infantry Officer who was seriously wounded in February 1951 losing both a leg and an arm. His accomplishments both military and post retirement are far too numerous to list here in this column.   Suffice it to say he is truly a “Hero” and that he has devoted all his time and effort toward the completion of this Memorial.

After a brief description of his vision of the wall and the projected cost, Bill addressed fundraising ideas for the project. He quoted the number of KIAs nationwide and how the projected cost of the wall would amount to about $410 per name. As an illustration, he cited the seven Frederick, Va. KIAs and challenged the Chapter to raise the $2,870 to cover cost for these names. Among the fundraising energies, he mentioned his Chapter successfully enlisting High School students in this effort.

After this talk, I apprised Bill that our Chapter would meet his challenge and presented him with a check from the Chapter in the amount of $1,000.  He asked if we wanted that amount to count toward the $2,800 goal and the resounding response from those present was no. Already one member has submitted a check to the treasurer in the amount of $100 toward this effort.


We must remember that our Chapter membership embraces far more than Frederick County, Va.  Should we include all those from the counties that comprised our membership, what should be our goal and how shall we go about attaining it? This will be a topic of discussion at the June Board of Director’s meeting, hopefully resulting in a plan of action. (Ed. note. See page 7 for meeting photos.)


      Continuing Project

          Bios Needed.

 Charles Hoak is the chair of this project.  He will be able to give any assistance to you that may be required.  His address is 350 Longview Lane, Winchester, VA 22602, phone number is (540)-665-0828, and email is

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