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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Volume 13, Issue 10
Paul E. Bombardier,  Editor
October, 2020

Unfortunately, his general manager  had suffered a medical event, and Doug  was asked to step in for him. Being off-line for a couple of years,  Doug felt a little rusty but agreed to jump in. Little did he know tat the former GM had all the financial and operational knowledge. He found himself having to set up the basic of P&Ls, budgets, H&R functions and training the managers how to understand their profit and loss margins. After two years of getting the company back into a good operating position, it was time again to (retire) as they were starting the merger and acquisition process  in order to grow , and Doug had been there and done that enough times.

Doug and Robin live in Round Hill and are celebrating 30 years of marriage next year. They spend their time now keeping up the homestead, keeping up with their five grandchildren and seasonal traveling as RV-er's as time permits.

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September Meeting speaker- Albert Ullman

Our speaker for our September meeting was one of our newer members, Al Ullman, who gave us a brief accounting of his service in Korea as a mortar man with the 1st Marine Division. Like most units, they moved up and down the Korean peninsula on the East Coast.

He was in Korea in 1952-1953 while the Peace negotiations between the US/UN and the Chinese/North Korean negotiators were dragging their feet.

Al showed us photos of the sandbag bunkers his company used, plus two pictures that were of particular interest to me - the Marine's S-55 helicopters that were the same helicopter we had in my company when I was in Korea except that we called it and H-19 helicopter.

We wish to thank Al for his service in Korea and for sharing his experience with us.

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