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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Paul E. Bombardier,   Editor
February, 2017

 Commander Ray Ewing

Greetings again at the beginning of the second month of the new year-already. Tempus Fugit.

For the benefit of those that were not able to be at the last meeting, the Board of 

Directors decided to print a pictorial directory of the membership. This directory would include a current  picture, an in “service” picture if you have one and a short bio. Short bio means, your branch of service, time of service and your civilian career.The directory will be in a loose leaf booklet form and will also include a history of the Chapter.           Charles Hoak has volunteered to head up the project with charter member Steve Culbert working on the history. I believe this will prove very informative and interesting documentation of our chapter. Please do not be too shy to parti-cipate, it must include all members and I hope we have information resources enough to have a deceased members section.

          For several reasons I want to draw  your attention to how this new year has started off. First to express my appreciation for all those who stepped up to take a position or volunteered to keep a position and to keep you informed as to how hard some are working on our behalf. It may have been difficult filling some of the elected positions but there has been no such problem with committee or coordinator positions. (Continued on Page 5)


Feb 4  "All Veterans" breakfast at the Golden Corral. Be seated by 8:25am.


Feb 7 SVC-KWVA Board of Directors meeting at Macedonia UMC @ 9:00am. Room 201.


Feb 14 Chapter #313 Monthly member meeting @ Post 21 American Legion. Lunch @ 1:00 pm. Meeting @ 2:00 pm

Feb 16 Chapter “Buffett” Dinner 12:00 noon @ Lee-Jackson Restaurant, Winchester, VA.


Bill Jackson               February 01,1929

Herbert Taylor           February 08,1930

Albert Lazazzera       February 23,1931

Kermit Stroh              February 25,1933


Kelly J. Banks            February 16,2017

Norman L. Baker       February 19,2017

Earl V. Gillenwater    February 19,2017

Lewis W. Strother     February 19,2017

Paul P. Campbell       February 28,2017

Raymond H. Goff       February 28,2017

Leonard L. Laconia   February 28,2017

Herbert B. Taylor      February 28,2017

Ollie T. Thompson     February 28,2017

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