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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Volume 14, Issue 06
Paul E. Bombardier, Editor
June, 2021


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During these difficult “Covid times,” when we do not see as much of  one another, the word-of-mouth network is not as active. It s much more important to let us know when you learn of a 

comrade with a health problem or other situation. Please call me if you learn of members in need. My phone is 540 955-2183 and you may leave a message. 

Herb Taylor attended our last meeting, and since then has had a heart valve replacement. He got along very well and is feeling very well. Ray Fish is recovering very well from his back procedure and rehab, and was at our recent meeting.

I urge that you call a member and chat during this partial shutdown to “keep the channels open,” as much as you can! If you need someone’s phone number, call me.


Reminder! We are still seeking a person to take the Chaplain/Members’ Services committee chairman’s position. Please consider helping out with this committee - even if you feel you cannot take the chairmanship.

Heroes 01.png

Note:  You are reminded of the June 12th funeral service for departed member Richard Clark at 11:00 am at Mt Hebron Cemetery in the Veteran’s section in  Winchester. Richard was a very active Charter member, and we need to honor him by having as many of our members as possible in attendance at his funeral.

June Birthdays

Ray Goff                      June 1     
Ben Ritter                   June 6     
Don Mills                     June 6     
Don Netschke             June 10   

Earl Gillenwater         June 22
Dick Boxwell               June 22
Al Ullman                    June 29


KWVA National Dues are DUE for:

Jack Kronenberger     June 4, 2021
Ed Ringoot                    June 6, 2021
John Andrews              June 13. 2021
Donald Westfall            June 30, 2021




Jun 1st: Chapter 313 BOD meeting 9:00 am @ Macedonia UMC, White Post, VA

Jun 5th: “All Veterans Breakfast 8:15 am @ Golden Corral, Winchester, VA.

Jun 8th: Chapter 313 meeting 2:00 pm with optional lunch @ 1:00 pm @ A. L. Post21, Winchester, VA.

June 14th: Flag Day

September 19th: SAVE THE DATE

Chapter Picnic.  Details to follow in the July issue of the Chatter.

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