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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Volume 14, Issue 05
Paul E. Bombardier,  Editor
May, 2021

Member Bio – William I. Jackson Jr.


William “Bill” Jackson Jr. was born In Bronxville, NY. On Feb 1st, 1929. Following graduation from New Rochelle high school in New Rochelle, NY. In 1947, Bill entered the University of Maryland in 1948, and Joined a program offered by the U. S. Marine Corps whereby students could attend two six week summer training camps and upon graduation from College, be commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant and serve two years on active duty.


Bill graduated from the University of Maryland in January 1952 and in March 1952 was ordered to Quantico, VA. for Officer training. In August, 1952 he was ordered to Camp Pendleton, CA. for further deployment to the Far east (Korea). He debarked from Inchon Harbor in October 1952 and was assigned to a motor transport company as a convoy leader. In November, 1952 Bill was reassigned to Fox Co, 2nd Bn. 1st Marines as a rifle platoon leader.   Fox Co. at the time was on the line manning positions along the MLR. The War had settled down across the 38th parallel and most of the activity was at 

night.  Running combat patrols and keeping the outposts alert were Bill’s main responsibilities.

     In April, 1953 Bill was transferred to the 1st Marines Div. HQs and spent the rest of the was as G2 Watch officer. This job consisted of recording all enemy activity  along the MLR and then briefing the General staff of this activity.

     The Cease fire came 0n July 27th. In September, Bill was ordered to return to the U. S. and in Nov 1953, he reported to Hq. Co. 2nd Bn. 6th Marines @ Camp Lejeune, NC. As an operations Officer. Bill was released from active duty in Apr 1954 and in April 1955 he joined the 3rd Engineer Co. a reserve unit in Youngstown, OH. And was promoted to Captain and Commanding Officer of this unit in 1961.

     In 1963, Bill’s civilian job was moved to Parkersburg, WV. and he joined the 104th Infantry Co. Marine Corps reserve. In May, 1964, Bill was promoted to Major and took over command of this unit. He moved to Winchester, VA. in 1965 but remained with the 104th until he retired from the active reserves.

     As a civilian, Bill spent most of his time working in retail sales with J.C. Penney, Sears Montgomery Ward, Western Auto, and real estate sales while serving in the Marine Corps reserve.

     Bill married Betty Jones on Dec. 2nd, 1951, and they have three children and many grandchildren. Bill is a member of Braddock St UMC and was a volunteer at Winchester Medical center, the Red Cross and Westminster-Canterbury. In his spare time, Bill enjoys golf and reading.

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