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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Paul E. Bombardier,   Editor
September, 2017

 Commander Ray Ewing

Haven’t we had a great summer? Not too hot, cool nights and plenty of rain   God is so good. Bettye and I recently spent a few days visiting family in Savannah, Ga

  You don’t know what summer is unless you visit Savannah in July or August. Recently the Board of Directors has been discussing appropriate uses for the resources we have been able to accumulate.  These uses of course will be in keeping with the purposes and objectives of the Chapter as set forth in the Associations bylaws.

 Briefly these objectives are, in addition to organizing and providing a means of contact and communications among the membership, to aid disadvantaged members and their spouses and children

The finance committee has been tasked to make recommendations for these expenditures for the Board to consider. Having collected these funds from the public for the expressed use for the benefit of veterans we are obligated to use them for exactly that. The committee has met and will be making a presentation at the September Board meeting. Of course any appropriate suggestion from the membership will be considered as well. After due consideration whatever the Board decides will be incorporated in next year’s budget. Therefore, there is no immediate deadline for suggestions to be considered. Please, if you have a suggestion let us know of it. As always, I welcome any comments on this or any other subject.

Remember !!! Save the Date: Oct 7th .

"HONOR FLIGHT"  Trip to DC Memorials


The Top of Virginia Honor Flight group has re-scheduled the next Honor Flight bus trip to visit the memorials in Washington, D. C.

  Note the new Date. Next trip: Saturday, 7 October, 2017!

  If you have never participated in an Honor Flight, do yourself a favor and plan to go.  At least 20 of our members have gone in the past and everyone will attest as to how great the day is. More information will be forthcoming at the next Chapter meeting.



      Continuing Project      

      More Bios Needed.

 Charles Hoak is the chair of this project. BIOS Needed.    Not many received to date. Handwritten are acceptable. We can type them up for you. Lea and Chapter volunteers will be able to give any assistance to you that may be required while Charles is recovering.  His address is 350 Longview Lane, Winchester, VA 22602, phone number is (540)-665-0828, and e-mail is

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