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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Paul E. Bombardier,   Editor
July, 2018

 Ray Ewing               David Clark

The comments this month are from Ray Ewing and 1st Vice Commander David Clark.

     During the ten years of our existence as a KWVA Chapter we have been recognized through KWVA as being an outstanding chapter. We are the first chapter that is called to participate in activities in D. C., and that is invited to the ceremonies at the Korean Embassy.

     The Chapter has vigorously accepted tasks put forward such as constructing the Veterans Memorial and supporting the National Wall of Remembrance effort. Locally we are recognized as an active and robust veteran’s organization. 

      We are a strong chapter with a total membership of one hundred plus.  Generally we have good participation in social events, fundraising events, even our monthly meetings. We are cognizant of our veteran community needs and address them with the resources and personnel that are available.



For the most part, we are a hard working association.

     However this chapter must address several serious problems it faces. First and foremost is acceptance of leadership roles. The current year is half over and we just this past month filled the 2nd Vice Commander position. We still have not filled the Treasurer or Quartermaster positions.

     The nominating committee is actively addressing these vacancies. Secondly, even though we generally have good attendance at events and meetings it could be far better. As an example out of a membership of one hundred we should have more than thirty five to forty attending the monthly meeting or twenty three participating in a fundraising event. Thirdly, is the age and health of the majority of the active membership.

      Space in this column does not permit speaking to these issues as they merit, however just bringing them to your attention should suffice. 

      The chapter’s future depends on you to energetically participate in the life of the chapter, to accept leadership roles and to vigorously recruit Korean Defense Veterans. Without such efforts the strength and effectiveness of this chapter could diminish rapidly.

Updated July 06, 2018

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