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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Paul E. Bombardier,  Editor
   September, 2018

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I am holding in my hand a copy of the Congressional Medal of Honor that was awarded to him and signed by President Harry Truman in 1945." The pilot went on to say, "I realize that we have all been inconvenienced today. However, in light of the fact that this gentleman was a war hero, and was inconvenienced for four years of his life in order that we might experience the freedoms that we enjoy today, I thought you all should know that."

 Immediately, the plane was filled with applause. Everyone was cheering and so pleased to know that the gentleman had been cared for in a way that was fitting and appropriate. As we continued to fly, I thought to myself, "Isn't that interesting?

We were concerned that we were inconvenienced for a couple of hours and yet, this gentleman's entire life was interrupted and inconvenienced for over four years while he went and fought in a war to protect the freedoms and values that we love and hold dear in this country today."

I breathed a prayer for the gentleman and asked God to bless him for all he had done to help us understand what freedom is all about.

  "History does not entrust the care of freedom to the weak or timid."

 - Dwight D. Eisenhower -



August Meeting Highlights.

Our guest speaker at this meeting was our member Rodney Cowley, who gave us a great description of his Army service and his duties with the Army security agency in Korea and other countries.

2018-08-14 01.png

Rodney also briefed the gathering on the ongoing VFW Indigent Veteran Burial program of which he is also a member. More of this program will be discussed at the next Board meeting, to see if our Chapter can be of some help in any way.

Also at this meeting, it was announced that at the September meeting, a sign-up sheet will be available for members who are planning to go to the Nov 11th Veterans Day program in DC at the Amphitheatre, so that bus arrangements can be made.                                      

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