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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Volume 12, Issue 04
Paul E. Bombardier,  Editor
April, 2019
Chapter 313 members attending the Shaman Gumpa performance
2019-03-23 01.png

entourage then presented a dazzling performance, where there were many changes of colorful costumes, dances, songs, all with the intention of telling about different times of Korean history and their leaders.

After the performances, we then were driven to the Sheraton Pentagon Hotel for an excellent meal.  We left for Winchester around 6:45 pm, and after delivering a few people to Annandale, arrived in Winchester at 9 p. m.  To

2 members of Chapter 313 attended this program at the Nations’ Capitol on Saturday March 23rd. Front Row (l to r):  Lew Ewing, Narce Caliva, Steve Culbert, Herb Taylor, Bill Scott, and Don Netschke. Back Row (l to r):  Rob Shirley, Dickie Ewing, Jerry Lunt, Dave Clark, Jack Kronenberger and Jim Fisher. 

We were parties to two different programs, with the first being a recognition of Mr. Gumpa’s gift of $100,000 towards the building of the wall at our memorial.  The setting for this presentation was at the west wall area of the Capitol.  The second program took place at the National Mall, where an elaborate stage had been erected, with a backdrop of ancient Korean leaders and pictures of Korean history.  Mr. Gumpa and his

summarize, this was just another example of the Korean people thanking us for our service to their country.  (Article provided by David Clark, Commander. Photos by Lew Ewing, 1st Vice-Commander.)

2019-03-23 2.png

Shaman Gumpa is a famous folk dancer from Korea on tour in the United States.  One of his goals is to thank and honor Korean War Veterans who saved his country.  This goal was achieved in Washington, DC on March 23, 2019.  

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