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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Paul E. Bombardier,  Editor
April, 2019

several weeks of stalemate the Americans determined that a victory could only be achieved by destroying these depots. The Chinese had reinforced protection for these depots by beefing up units in that area. However, In two weeks the U.N. forces succeeded in decimating the Chinese forces and overran the depots. The American and French forces then on October 13 eliminated all resistances on the ridges by fierce frontal assaults.

Overall the two battles resulted in U.N. forces suffering 6,400 casualties and the communist suffered in excess of 40,000 casualties.

Armistice talks that had already begun had stalemated. It was felt that the result of these battles convinced the communist that they would never be able to take over South Korea and persuaded them to return to the negotiating table in earnest.

It was during this battle of “Heartbreak Ridge” on October 12, 1951 that a Shenandoah Valley boy from Martinsburg, West Virginia, John William Jackson gave his life.

Private First Class Jackson was born 07/26/1932 in Martinsburg, West Virginia.  He was the son of Harry E. and Minnie Reed Jackson.  He was a member of the 23rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division.  On 10/12/1951 he was killed in action while fighting the enemy on Heartbreak Ridge, North Korea.  He is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, Berkeley County, West Virginia.

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Alfred Dawson Robertson was born in Winchester, Virginia on November 7, 1931. His late parents were James Edward Robertson and Katherine Snider Robertson. His grandfather was a local merchant who ran the general and retail coal store, W.B. Snider & Sons, on the corner of North Cameron and Baker Street.


He is survived by his three children with Sarah Loy: James Barton Robertson (Kendra Tolley) of Winchester, Lori Ann Robertson (Chris Crawford) of Shepherdstown, WV, and Amy Dawson Robertson (Alexandra Ogilvie) of Washington, DC; three grandchildren; five great-grandchildren; Anita Wilson, companion; and three half-siblings, Joanne Robertson Daly, Henry M.N. Robertson, and Bruce A. Robertson.


He was preceded in death by his second wife, Barbara Robertson, and his half-brothers, David Nicholls Robertson, Charles A. Robertson, and James Duncan Robertson.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Blue Ridge Hospice.

A memorial service will be held April 18 at Hay-field Assembly of God.

Online condolences may be left at www.jonesfuneralhome. com.

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