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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Paul E. Bombardier, Editor
July, 2019

Rev. Raleigh Watson

Unless some of you have “sneaked” in and out of the hospital without my knowing about it (that happens!

we don’t have any new illnesses among the troops. Good! – let’s keep it that way! However, many of our comrades have chronic illnesses or other problems, so I suggest that if you have not seen or heard from one of our members for a while – call and ask how he is doing or if he needs any help. We want our people to know we are concerned about them. If you think our committee might be of help, please let me know! When you receive the “Chapter Chatter,” please look at the sick list and call one of those on it – or perhaps someone you have not seen at a recent meeting. He would appreciate your thinking of him!

Millard Pippin 540-667-1876.

Don Jones 540-869-1958.

Leonard Laconia 540-667-1716.

John Shenk. 540-508-2240.



Billy Scott                Jul    05

Brett Osborn           Jul    11   

David Clark             Jul    16

Lawrence Clowser Jul    21

Norman Baker        Jul    24     



Carmel Whetzel    Jul   09, 2019

Rob Shirley            Jul   18, 2019



JUL 06

Monthly "All Veterans" breakfast @ Golden Corral. Please be seated by 8:15 am.


JUL 09

Chapter #313 monthly meeting at A. L. Post 21 @ 2:00 pm with optional lunch @ 1:00 pm.


JUL 21

Annual Chapter picnic @ Jim Barnett Park KWVA Memorial in Winchester @ 1:00 pm.

Jul 25/28 

KWVA Annual Meeting @ Sheraton Pentagon hotel in Arlington, VA.


JUL 27

KWVA Truce ceremony @ Korea War Memorial in Washington, DC.  


June Meeting Highlights (from pg 1)
Caliva, Leslie.png

Our guest speaker this month was the Red Cross’ own longtime leader Leslie Caliva who updated our members on the continuing need for help with the  

current increase in disaster occurrences happening every day in the world around us.

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