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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Paul E. Bombardier,  Editor
February, 2020

General Suh, Wook visits DC.

(Report by Lew Ewing).


On Sunday, January 12th, five members of our Chapter had the honor to have dinner at the Columbia Firehouse Restaurant in Alexandria with the Republic of Korea Army Chief-of-Staff, General Suh, Wook. General Suh planned to be in the States for several day to help promote the ROK/USA Alliance.  Following his arrival on Sunday and prior to our dinner, Gen. Suh and his party, along with MGen. Pyo and others from the Embassy, laid a wreath at our Korean War Memorial in Washington, D. C.

2020-01-12 01.png

The five Chapter #313 members, representing the KWVA were Narce Caliva,  Lew Ewing, Jack Keep, Raleigh Watson, and Marshall DeHaven.


All Veterans Breakfast

At the last (January 4th) All Vets Breakfast meeting at the Golden Corral, at nine (9) #313 members, plus several spouses or guests were in attendance:  Raymond Carter, Don Westfall, Wayne Strother, Isaac Luttrell, Ed Hill, Brandon Angel, Herb Taylor, Dickie Ewing, and Narce Caliva. ( Article by Narce Caliva).

Charles Hoak (Cont. from Page 5.)
Hoak, Charles 06.png

Charles Hoak receives Chapter 313 Member of the Year Award in 2016.

Hoak, Charles 07.png

On Thursday, January 9th,  Thirty members of Chapter 313 paid a sad farewell homage to Charles as Chaplain Rev. Raleigh Watson recited psalms 23 and 46.


Eulogies to Charles were given by members of his family, as well as Lew Ewing and Narce Caliva, from Chapter 313.

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               We Go Together
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