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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Volume 13, Issue 03
Paul E. Bombardier,  Editor
March, 2020

Member Bio - Albert Lazazzera.

(Editor’s Note) Article reprinted from 2011 for the benefit of new members who joined since then.)

Al Lazazzera was born in Winchester, VA. on February 23rd, 1931. He attended Handley High School where he was an outstanding athlete participating in football and track.

Lazazzera, Albert.png

He graduated from Handley High School in June, 1950, several weeks before the start of the Korean war. He married Barbara Brooks in 1951, and they had two sons, James and Larry.

Al served in the U.S. Air Force from  1951-1955. Following his basic training, he was assigned to Yokota Air Base in Japan in 1952 where he served as a crew member aboard a B-29

Bomber. Al flew 30 missions over Korea where their targets were railroad yards, bridges, powerplants on the Yalu river, and they also provided support to front line troops on the   ground.

Following his tour in Korea, Al was reassigned to Walker AFB in Roswell, NM, where he served two years as a crewmember aboard a B-36 Bomber.

Al is proud of his service, and is glad that he decided to join the Air force, and feels blessed that he came home without injuries despite the number of close calls including one time when they had to make an emergency landing at Kimpo Airfield in Seoul, Korea.

After his discharge in 1955, Al attended Barber college in Richmond and upon graduating, Al returned to Winchester to begin his almost 60 year career “clipping” customers at Al’s place Barber shop on Wilson Boulevard. Where he continues to operate chair #1 to this day. He attends Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

Al’s past achievements include President of the Master Barber’s Assoc. past member of the Winchester Jaycee’s, and has served as Vice-President of the James Wood Athletic Assoc. Al has been a Life Member of KWVA since 2009.

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