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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Lewis M. Ewing, Editor
February 2016

(Editor's Note: As I mentioned at our January Meeting, I would like to start a new column for our newsletter for our members to report on significant events that are occurring in their, and their family's lives. Over the years since we first formed our Chapter, we have evolved into a very close-knit group of men and women. We truly are a "Band of Brothers and Sisters" who, in some cases, are as close as we are to our blood relatives. It would be appropriate for us to share our good times and our bad times with each other as we do with our families. It would even be OK if we did a little bragging!!

    Immediately following our January meeting, Ray Fish told me he had an item for me - it is printed below. I ask that all of you follow Ray's lead and share your events with us. I need your stories to make this project work. Please help!!)


Virginia Iris Pedonti

    Ray Fish, a very proud Great-Grandfather, is pleased to announce the birth of a 7 pound 7 ounce, 20" long baby girl, Virginia Iris Pedonti, the daughter of Andy and Sarah (Fish) Pedonti in Raleigh, NC. Iris is named for her great-grandmothers. Ray wrote the following poem in her honor:

It's Almost Christmas

I got the best gift of all

Never mind she's dainty and small

She arrived in the usual way

December 21 is now a special day.

She got her name from my dear departed wife

Iris will be remembered the rest of her life

She came to us in the very best season

Could not be better whatever the reason.

I've not yet met her, still I love her

I could not be any fonder of her

I feel very blessed with this

Great-Granddaughter of mine

The parents and baby are all doing fine.

John M. Heflin

    United States Marine Corps LCpl John M. Heflin, the grandson of Lew Ewing, is stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC where he works in an Armory as a Small Arms Technician. While in Boot Camp at Parris Island, and again since then, he has qualified EXPERT on the rifle range. Normally, Lance Corporals don't have an opportunity to qualify with pistols, however, his Gunny Sergeant recommended him and he was allowed to qualify. During his Pre-Qualification round, he shot a score of 384 out of a possible 400. The Sergeant in charge of the Range looked at his Pre-Qua score - HIGH EXPERT - and said it would be a waste of good ammunition for him to shoot again so he sat him down.

    John has recently been assigned to a new unit (22MEU) which is a Marine Expeditionary Unit that will be in training from now until June when they will ship out aboard a fleet of three ships headed to the Western Coast of Europe, the Mediterranean Sea, and the West Coast of Africa on a 6-9 month tour. They are a quick reactionary unit that can respond to any situation on a moment's notice - anything from a combat emergency to a humanitarian crisis such as a hurricane or an earthquake. John is in his second year of a four-year enlistment.


Remember - Our Quartermaster, Fred Haymaker, still has a supply of our Chapter Challenge Coins available. Get yours while they last. They make great gifts or keepsakes.

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