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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Lewis M. Ewing, Editor
June 2016

     Rain, rain go away! Although the amount of rain has not been overwhelming, the persistent day after day showers and thunderstorms have become somewhat wearing. When the sun does shine and the skies are blue it is spiritually uplifting. But lif goes on and so shall we.

Don Netschke

     As some of you are aware, Millard Pippin, a long time member and contributor to our Chapter has not been attending our meetings. Yesterday, I called his home and talked to his wife, Jane. She advised that Millard has a great deal of difficulty with his mobility. No doubt

age is one contributor and the other has been that unpleasant visitor arthritis. Jane said that Millard enjoys reading The Graybeards and our Chapter Chatter. Millard would greatly appreciate an occasional call from his buddies in the Chapter. He is very interested about the commonly coming and going of the Chapter's business. She also advised that sending cards and notes would be welcomed.

     I also informed Jane of our Chapter family picnic, July 24, 2016. I offered to make arrangements for transportation for them if required. Jane stated that they would both like very much to attend the picnic. A friendly face, a warm smile and a few good laughs shared is always welcomed. In addition Ed Reel continues dialysis treatment. His condition has been stabilized but the frequency and the hours spent in the treatment progress is very draining of his physical resources. Let's each of us keep them in our prayers.


Jun 4

Jun 6

Jun 7

Jun 14


Jun 14

Jun 19

Jun 20

Jun 25

All Veterans Breakfast @ Golden Corral Be seated by 8:15 am.SVC-KWVA Board of

D-Day. WW II Allied landing at Normandy.

SVC-KWVA Board of Directors Meeting

@ Macedonia U M Church @ 9:00am.

SVC-KWVA Membership Meeting at the

American Legion Post #21 building:

     Lunch @ 1:00pm

     Meeting @ 2:00pm

Flag Day.

Father's Day.

First day of Summer

Wreath Laying and Reading of Names @

Korean War Mem. in DC. Time TBD.

Various Dates: See "Josh's Journeys" on

Page two.

     I wish to express my appreciation to all members for their participation and continued interest in being an active part of our Chapter's and Association's responsibilities. While our Memorial Day activities will have passed when you read this, I wish to express my thanks to all those who took part in the many parade activities that we participated in. We are one of the most active Chapters in the KWVA nationwide. I'm very proud to be associated with this Association and in particular this Chapter's can-do attitude. Again, thank you for your cooperation and support. May the good Lord bless us with happiness and good health.

Don Netschke, Commander

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