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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Paul E. Bombardier,  Editor
November, 2017
KWVA National Annual Meeting.

From The Chapter Secretary

This event was held in Norfolk, VA. October 4-8. Those from chapter 313  in attendance were Leslie and Narce Caliva, Mary Jane and Lew Ewing, and Jack Keep.

Korean Defense Military  attaché Brig. Gen. Pyo addresses the gathering at the Saturday evening dinner.

KWVA Exec Dir. Jim Fisher observes Korean Defense attaché Brig. Gen. Pyo and Col. Lee awarding “Ambassador for Peace” medals to many Veterans.

November brings with it many things. A harbinger of winter to begin with. It is getting a little cooler, posters are popping up everywhere touting candidates running for public office. It is a voting month and many offices are  

up for grabs. Choose wisely and exercise your right to vote on November 7th. Remember, if you do not vote, You cannot complain about the outcome.

Thanksgiving Day November 23rd

We have been carrying on this tradition for many years. I remember as a child looking forward to the turkey and all the trimmings that my mother prepared for the family. These were good times. Then when I  started my family, my wife carried on this same tradition along with friends. Now, our children have started their own traditions. It still has the same feeling every year. Family getting together enjoying great company.

Happy Thanksgiving to All. !!!!!!!!!!!!

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