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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
   Volume 10 Issue 12
Paul E. Bombardier,  Editor
December, 2017

October 23rd Laying of Wreaths at Korea  War Veterans Memorial

Seven members of the South Korea Liberty Party visiting Washington, DC participated at a Korean War Veteran Memorial Wreath Laying Ceremony  KWVA National director Narce Caliva, (pictured) was selected by the Korean War Veterans Association to lead the United States delegation in greeting these visitors.

Assistant Korean Military Defense attaché Lt. Colonel Lee    introducing these members. After the introduction and a short speech by the head of their delegation, he laid the wreath honoring those who had perished in the Korean War. As part of the ceremony, the 7 Assemblymen went down the line of our 5 Chapter Members and shook hands and greeted each of us. They gave each of us a gift wrapped in gold paper.  Inside was a special container which had a pair of  cuff links and a tie tack.

    Five members of Chapter 313 represented KWVA as Korean War Veterans for this ceremony.  They included: Narce Caliva (Director of National KWVA), Lew Ewing (National Secretary of KWVA), Josh Morimoto (1st Vice Commander, Chapter 313), Billy Scott (Chapter 313 Past Commander) and Gerald Lunt

Here they are with a World War II veteran from the 100th Bomb Group. We also greeted approximately 10 Veterans and their Guardians who were with an  Honor Flight from Lafayette, Indiana.    

(Article  & Photos by Josh Morimoto.)

Updated Dec 6, 2017

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