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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Paul E. Bombardier,  Editor
March, 2017
"Tell America" Committee Update

Our Chapter “Tell America” Committee has been formed with Josh Morimoto and David Clark as Co-Chairmen.  The National KWVA and our Chapter “Tell 

America" program tries to teach local students what the Korean War was about and how it has preserved the “Freedom” of the Republic of Korea (South Korea).  We have a menu of briefings and classroom discussions that schools can select for their students:

      How the Korean War Stopped the Spread of Communism over South Korea; Preserving Freedom for its People.  This is a Power Point Presentation for a large group or a Poster/Chart of an A-Frame Briefing for a Classroom.

U.S. Forces defending South Korea Today

Life of a Korean War Prisoner of War. David Mills will be the main Prisoner of War (POW) speaker.

       Classroom Discussion with Korean War Veterans who fought in Korea

Three (3) Lesson Plans that School Teachers can use that were developed by teachers of other schools.   These Lesson Plans were developed during the KWDH Project 2nd Annual Teacher Conference. 

      We are approaching the Superintendents of the School Districts of Frederick, Loudoun, Warren, and Clarke Counties; and the Town of Winchester to see if they would want any of the above items to be brought to the Junior and Senior High School students in their District.  We are also approaching the Principals, Owners, and Head Master of Independent Schools in our area to have them select items above for their students.

I presented a “Tell America” Briefing to the members of our Monthly Chapter on Feb 14.  The main purpose of our presentations is to tell the local students, in Junior and High School ages, why the Korean War was fought by Combat Forces from United Nations to include the United States and 15 other nations, and 5 other nations providing Medical Units and/or Medical Personnel.  The freedom of the South Korean people was saved from Communism by North Korea and Communist China. 

       Today, we have over 28, 500 troops station in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) which is the primary reason North Korea has not invaded South Korea.  A small country of ROK is currently U.S. 7th largest trading partner, has the 11th largest world economy, and is the 5th automobile producer in the World. One of its largest companies, Samsung which manufactures cell phones, large wall mounted flat screen TVs, Kitchen Appliances, and washers & dryer’s products. They are discussing with President Trump, about establishing manufacturing facilities in the U. S.

          We are using the National KWVA’s “Tell America” products such as Posters on the Korean War, "The Forgotten War", and book on “A Brief Account of the Korean War” by Jack D. Walker.   You can get a copy of this book if you volunteer to participate in our Chapter’s “Tell America” Program.  See me for a copy of this book. 

        We showed some of these products, that we will be presenting to students in local schools, at our Feb 7 Monthly Meeting.  We will be participating in Mercer Junior High School in Aldie, VA on Wednesday, April 19th in classroom/library discussion for their History Day. 

        I have been asked by their History Day Coordinator, William Fazzani, to provide a list and addresses of Chapter 313 Veterans who will participate in this event.  I will collect names of our veterans at our Monthly Meeting.   

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