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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Paul E. Bombardier,  Editor
July, 2017
“Tell America” Skyline H.S.

On Wednesday morning, May 24th, Josh Morimoto, David Mills, Lew Ewing, Bill Scott, Narce Caliva, Gerald Lunt, and David Clark met with students of Skyline High school in Front Royal, VA. to present the Chapter’s “Tell America” program.  Three classes of 11th graders and their teachers totaled 100 plus in the audience.

Josh Morimoto presented a video showing how the war began, some details of the war, and how Korea has prospered from our effort.  David Mills brought an 8-minute CD given to him by the Korean Embassy expressing their thanks for the sacrifices and effort made to keep them free. 

After the CD, David Mills gave a 30-minute talk on how he joined the army, details about his training, how he wound up in Korea, units he served with.

     He finished his discussion by elaborating about his time at Outpost Harry, getting wounded and captured.  He spoke of an incident where a Chinese lieutenant asked him three questions with the last one being was he a Christian.  Mills, said he really didn’t know how to answer that question and thought about if for some time.  Remembering his religious background and the fact that his 4 brothers were preachers, he finally answered in the affirmative.  He commented that after being captured he became unable to walk and was concerned whether he would be kept alive.  When time came to move, a stretcher was provided and for 4 days he was carried to the POW camp.  David spoke about his experiences after the war, covering his joining the Organization of former POW’s.  This concluded the session in the auditorium, and we then went to the individual classes where we presented our roles in the war and other pertinent information. 


Chapter 313 participated in two events for the Newtown Festival. Various Town officials, the Mayor, the Vice Mayor, and Town Manager made their opening remarks.  

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