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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Paul E. Bombardier,   Editor
February, 2018

 Commander Ray Ewing

Recently those of us that have email received a copy of an article written by John “Sonny” Edwards, past national director, and vice chairman for membership and  

recruiting. The article titled “Are You A Thermometer Or A Thermostat” is too long to copy in its entirety in this column however I do want to highlight the gist of the article. Of course he is writing relating to recruiting new members and membership retention. That is his job. However, it is so applicable to all facets of our chapter operation today and worthy of some attention.

    “Sonny” describes a thermometer as an instrument that measures, points out or brings attention to a condition. It does nothing to address the condition. And then he asks “Do we have members that point out or bring attention to various problems.  Are there those in our ranks who will sound the rallying cry and not show up for the rally?” They are thermometers.

     He describes a thermostat as an instrument that responds to a condition and makes changes to address the condition. He points out how this device does something about the situation, controls it, fixes it.  “It is common knowledge that about 10 percent are really active.”  They are the ones at work trying to grow the chapters. They are the thermostats.

“Sonny” closes the article by asking the leadership of the organization to ask the members “Are you a thermometer or a thermostat?” 

     I believe we each need to decide if we are a thermometer pointing out the issues,   proclaiming how “it should” be done or identifying projects for others to carry out. Or, are we the thermostat actively participating in chapter events, working projects together, addressing the issues and helping to build a viable active organization?

Ed. Note: Seoul, Korea today. Not as I remember it.

Updated Feb 03, 2018

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