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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Paul E. Bombardier, Editor
February,  2018

Rev. Raleigh Watson

As I write this installment, we have had a few changes in locations for some of our people. I talked with Barbara Lewis and learned that Jack is now in a nursing facility in the Front Royal/Strasburg area.

  Barbara would like to attend our meetings from time-to-time (she is a member) but belongs to another group that meets the same time we do.

John Moreland has been transferred from WMC (after a two-month stay) to Consulate Health Care in Woodstock. (Next to hospital on Rt. 11) John has no contact phone at this time.

J. Jones is undergoing treatment in Martinsburg City Hospital (now Berkeley Medical Center- WVU) – He moved to Martinsburg last summer. J. has set up a page on “” where he or his family post reports on his progress. You may go to it and check on him. His last posting was that he felt well enough for a dinner out with family – good news!.

Charles Hoak continues his recovery at home.

All of these and those listed below need our prayers and certainly a call or visit would really be appreciated. You might send a card or note from time-to-time, and let them know we are thinking about them. These are a few on our current concerns list.


Millard Pippin – home phone – 540-667-1876

Charles Boyce – cell phone – 304-263-0811

Don Jones – home phone –540-869-1958

Leonard Laconia – 540-667-1716

Romie Nickles – 540-667-1016.

Charles Hoak – 540- 665-0828

Bud Robertson – 540-877-9132


Bill Jackson           Feb     01, 1929

Herb Taylor           Feb     08, 1930

Robert Golightly    Feb     10, 1932

Al Lazazzera         Feb     23, 1931

Kermit Stroh         Feb     25, 1933

David Loy               Feb     27, 1952


Norman Baker               Feb 19, 2018

Earl Gillenwater             Feb 19, 2018

Lewis Strother               Feb  19, 2018

Paul Campbell               Feb  28, 2018

Raymond Goff                Feb 28, 2018

Leonard Laconia            Feb 28, 2018

Herbert Taylor               Feb 28, 2018

Ollie Thompson             Feb 28, 2018



Feb 3  Monthly “ALL” Veterans Breakfast @ Golden Corral. Please be seated by 8:15 am

Feb 6 Chapter #313 BOD meeting @ 9:00 am. @ Macedonia UMC Room 201

Feb 13 Chapter #313 monthly member meeting A.L. post 21 @ 2:00 pm w/ optional lunch 1:00 pm.   

(Ed. Note: John & Dana Moreland in better years.)

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