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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Paul E. Bombardier, Editor
May,  2018

Rev. Raleigh Watson

As I write this column, Dick Boxwell has returned home after surgery on the day of our last meeting. The surgery went well and Dick looked and acted very well even on the day following his serious surgery. We offer our best wishes for a

speedy and complete recovery!

J. Jones’ daughter, Jill, posted the following on April 19: Hi Everyone! Dad had treatment today. He is holding steady. Mom was happy Dad gained a pound back. Blood pressure was good. The doctor says Dad continues to look great. He is happy with Dad's  stats. The next PET scan will be in 3-4 months. A great milestone this week, Dad attended one of the local veteran meetings. It was good to see him go out. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Take care everyone, Jill.

I visited Charles Hoak and Bud Robertson last week. Charles is undergoing therapy at home, again – visits are appreciated, but Lea requests that you call first and set up an appropriate time, so as not to interfere with the schedule.  Bud also would like to see any of our members who can visit – but he, too, needs a call ahead of time – and you might need explicit directions from him – although my GPS has been able to get me there. (Shawnee Land is confusing!)

Maynard Wilson has been hospitalized with back and cardiac problems, but has recovered enough to attend the fund raiser on April 21st, and the concert on 22 April. Please keep all of these and others on our sick list in your prayers!

Millard Pippin – 1– 540-667-1876         Charles Boyce – cell -1– 304-263-0811         Don Jones -1– 540-869-1958                         

Leonard Laconia -1– 540-667-1716                 John Moreland -1– 540-398-7327                   Romie Nickles -1– 540-667-1016.               Charles Hoak -1– 540- 665-0828                      Bud Robertson -1 – 540-877-9132


Don Jones             May     04, 1929

Paul Campbell      May     06,1933

Lew Ewing            May     08,1934

John Moreland     May     10,1930

Muriel Simanek   May     11,1926

Alfred Carter        May     13, 1930

Tom Wiseman      May     13, 1931

Paul Bombardier May     14,1932

John Staples        May     17, 1936

Joe Dodd              May     24,1950

Raymond Carter  May     25,1929


Dick Boxwell             May     05, 2018

Bud Robertson         May     11 2018

Robert Patterson     May     12, 2018

James Markley        May     16, 2018

Robert Golightly       May     22, 2018

Edward Marshall     May     23, 2018

Lawrence McNealy May     28, 2018

Edwin Sharp            May     28, 2018

Bud Boyce                May     29, 2018

Oliver Hott                May     30. 2018



May1 Chapter #313 BOD meeting @ 9:00 am. @ Room 201, Macedonia UMC, White Post, VA.

May 4 Apple Blossom Fireman’s parade. Class A uniform.

May 5 Monthly “ALL” Veterans Breakfast @ Golden Corral. Please be seated by 8:15 am

May 8 Chapter #313 monthly member meeting A.L. post 21 @ 2:00 pm w/ optional lunch 1:00 pm. 

May 18 Greenwood B. C. Veterans program & Luncheon.12:00 pm.

May 26 Stephens City Parade.

May 28 Washington DC Memorial Day Parade.

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