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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Paul E. Bombardier, Editor
October,  2018

Rev. Raleigh Watson

At the September meeting, we were fortunate in having J. Jones, Dick Boxwell, and Jack Keep with us three of those who have been at the top of our 

"concerns” listing  recently. Keep it up guys, and we'll see you next month! "Peachie" DeHaven was also there, after having had a knee replacement since the previous meeting - also doing phenomenally well - literally an "in-and-out" procedure! Edgar Tufts is still having some chemotherapy, following his surgery - but sounds great and doing well. Shirley Bombardier has continually improved after her mild stroke -and  is well on the way to full recovery.

Please keep in mind the following with a phone call.


Charles Boyce -      301-884-8171. Press Option # 1, then 661#.

Millard Pippin      – 540-667-1876

Don Jones             –540-869-1958

Leonard Laconia – 540-667-1716

Charles Hoak       – 540- 665-0828

Bud Robertson    – 540-877-9132

J. Jones                – 304-350-8443

Edgar Tufts          – 540-667-7913               Jack Keep – Home 540-631-9213

                     or cell 540-660-4514



Josh Morimoto           Oct     02

David Mills                  Oct     06

Richard Clark             Oct     10

Edwin Sharp               Oct     21

Ray Ewing                   Oct     24

Jack Keep                   Oct     28

Dwain Place               Oct     29

J. Jones                       Oct     30



Priscilla Staples     Oct     10, 2018

John Staples          Oct     10, 2018

Demetrius Gray     Oct     11, 2018

James Fisher         Oct     16, 2018

Dave Stegmaier     Oct     16, 2018

Walter Knee           Oct     20, 2018



Oct 2: Chapter #313 BOD meeting @ 9:00 am.   Room 201, Macedonia UMC, White Post, VA.

Oct 6: Monthly “ALL” Veterans Breakfast @ Golden Corral. Please be seated by 8:15 am .

Oct 6: Reception for Col. Kang, Moon Ho (Ret.-KMC) at American Legion Post 42 on Northern Ave., Hagerstown, from 12:00 noon to 1:30 PM. Ceremony at Hagerstown Memorial @ 2:00 pm.


Oct 9: Chapter #313 monthly member meeting A.L. post 21 @ 2:00 pm w/ optional lunch 1:00 pm.    


Dec 13: NOTICE: SAVE THE DATE. The Annual Election meeting and luncheon will be held on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13th at the Clarion Inn Lee-Jackson restaurant in Winchester. More details at the October Chapter meeting.


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