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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Paul E. Bombardier,   Editor
December, 2018

 Ray Ewing                

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As I write this article during Thanksgiving week and I realize how quickly Christmas follows and then in one week the year is ended. How true it is time flies. I hope the early snow we experienced is not a harbinger of the coming winter. I believe it appropriate to reflect a bit upon the life of our chapter this year.

I feel we have enjoyed a very successful year with many memorial occasions. Briefly, our monthly meetings have been interesting and informative; we have had very successful fundraisers; we have maintained our high membership number; we have enjoyed many events and programs. This chapter took seriously the challenge to raise funds for the Wall of Remembrance subsequently we lead all 






other chapters by far with donations. The camaraderie enjoyed when meeting and working together may well be the greatest achievement of the year.. 

A new year looms and preparations for it will begin with the election later this month of a new set of leaders. Though we may have experienced various successes the chapter will face many challenges in the coming year. We cannot rest on our laurels because of our past but need to band together and focus on the challenges that will surface in the new year. The foremost of which will be maintaining an active and productive membership.  

This month will end my two years as your Commander. I appreciate the trust you placed in me and as I stated nearly two years ago I feel honored to have held this high office.

Again, please remember the annual meeting along with our Christmas luncheon will be on Thursday December 13th @ 1:00 pm. @ the Clarion Inn restaurant.

Updated December 03, 2018

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