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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Paul E. Bombardier,   Editor
May, 2019
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David Clark

During the last three months of the Korean War, some of the most vicious fighting took place, with lots of casualties and deaths.  My destroyer during that time spent weeks on the “bomb” line supporting our ground forces, firing our 5 inch mounts almost non-stop.  We were fortunate in that we didn’t have any problems with incoming fire.  That, certainly can’t be said for those on the ground.  It is with that thought in mind that we need to pause and give our thanks and prayers to those who gave the supreme sacrifice for our country and the Korean people.  We’ll have an opportunity to do so when we travel to D C for the Memorial Day parade on Monday, May 27th.  Transportation will be furnished through the auspices of the Korean Embassy, just another example  


of the Korean people’s thankfulness for all of the sacrifices made in their behalf during the War.  For those who can’t go to D C, there will be several different sites to go and offer your thanks and prayers, I strongly urge each of you to participate in this activity. For those who have participated in the Memorial Day parade we see first-hand the Korean people’s thoughts when those individuals on the sidewalk show their thoughts by increasing their clapping or shouts when we pass by.  The ceremony at our Korean War Memorial after the parade is one you can never forget.  To participate in the Memorial Day parade requires a very minimum amount of walking, less than a block to get to our transportation for the parade, so don’t let walking deter you from enjoying such a great event.

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Updated May 03, 2019

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