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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Volume 12, Issue 08
Paul E. Bombardier,  Editor
August, 2019
Annual Chapter Picnic Highlights.

On July 21st, 54 members and guests enjoyed a meal and great friendship with our honored guests. This Chapter has been blessed in having Brig Gen Pyo as the ROK Defense Attaché.  Under his guidance, the chapter has received a great number of benefits from the Korean government.  They have supplied buses to transport our members to the activities in the District of Columbia, at least 4 times a year.  We’ve been invited to participate in a number of ceremonies at the Korean War Memorial under the auspices of the Korean Embassy. 

2019-07-21 01.png

Brig Gen Pyo receives Certificate of Appreciation from Chapter 313.

Brig Gen Pyo continually in his remarks offers his and the Korean peoples thanks for our participation in the war.  They, can’t seem to do enough to show us their appreciation and it all starts with the Brig General.

Brig Gen Pyo and his wife Cathy have been our guests several times, and one time in particular comes to mind. While driving in the Fireman’s parade, I would hear the General telling the citizens of Winchester how glad he was that they invited him to participate in the parade.  In all of his dealings, he is a people friendly person. He will transfer back to Korea sometime in December of this year, and whoever takes his

place has a very tough job on their hands coming close to what the Brig General has done in his time as Defense Attaché.

2019-07-21 02.png

As this will probably be the last chapter event in the Winchester area before they leave for Korea in December, Brig Gen Pyo and Cathy were presented a gift from the Chapter, in recognition not only of the work done in behalf of the chapter, but foremost the outstanding friendship developed during his tenure. We wish nothing but the best for Brig Gen Pyo in the future.

Honoring A Combat Infantryman.
2019-07-21 03.png

Our first Chapter Commander, Billy Scott receives a carved Eagle Head walking stick. Due to space limitation, the story behind this & more will continue in the Sept Chatter.

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