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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Paul E. Bombardier,   Editor
September, 2019
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David Clark

It is strange to realize that this year is nearly 3/4ths gone, and I thought it would be appropriate to review what the members of our chapter has done.  Members of our chapter visited the D C area 3 times: Memorial Day parade and luncheon at the Korean Ambassador’s residence, June 25th start of war, and July 27th Armistice of war.  Been involved in numerous parades, such as the Apple Blossom Fireman’s parade, Stephens City parade, and got rained out at the Middletown parade.  Have had two successful fund raising efforts.  With Peachie DeHavens’ outstanding leadership, the chapter enjoyed their annual picnic with Brig Gen Pyo and wife,  Lt. Col Park and wife and James Fisher, Executive Director of KWVA. 


We Have had good attendance at our monthly meetings.  The only problem I see, is not getting enough volunteers to fill some of the more important positions within the chapter.  This must change for the good of the chapter.

Your KWVA Association has the best VSO magazine in the country dedicated exclusively to Korean Veterans.  KWVA did almost $1 million VA Voluntary Service work in each of the two past years.  KWVA donates thousands of dollars to the Korea Veterans Memorial every year.  KWVA is bringing in more and more Korea post war veterans to carry on the legacy of the Korean War.  KWVAQ sponsors events for our soldiers stationed in Korea.  KWVA supports our troops in Korea TODAY.  KWVA operates the RETURN VISIT program.  KWVA operates in Congress and in the Capitol for Korean Veterans

As can be seen, there is a most active program on the national level and we lead the pack.  Keep up the good work.

Updated September 02, 2019

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