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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Volume 13, Issue 06
Paul E. Bombardier,  Editor
June, 2020
A Message from your Chapter Treasurer - Lew Ewing. 
Ewing, Lew.png

We all know that since the virus is upon us and we haven't been able to hold our meetings.

  We, unfortunately, have lost communication with the majority of our members. Hopefully we will get all of this behind us very soon.

Since January, we have lost three of our members, Charles Hoak- Muriel Simanek and “Buck” Thompson.  Historically, when a member of the Chapter passes away, some of us make contributions to an organization named by the deceased to make a memorial contribution honoring them.

Charles requested any donations be made to Chapter #313.

Muriel did not name an organization, so if you wish to make a donation honoring her, I would suggest that you choose our SVC-313 KWVA Chapter.  You could mail your donation to Lew Ewing, Treasurer, 310 Clay Hill Drive, Winchester, VA 22602.

“Buck” asked that contributions honoring him be made to the Korean War Veterans Memorial Foundation Fund.  You can mail your contribution to Lew at the address listed above and he will forward all of our contributions to the Foundation OR you can mail it directly to the Korean War Veterans Memorial Foundation Fund, 10301 McKinstry Mill Road, New Windsor, MD 21776.

Thank all of you for remembering these three loyal members of our Chapter

Holy Humor Sunday.


(Editor’s Note: This article taken from the Rev. “Will” Sencabaugh’s blog  of April 15th, 2020. Rev. “Will” is Shirley’s nephew, and pastor of the First Congregational Church of Lebanon, CT.)


“Laughter creates a sense of social connectedness, making us feel less alone.  The release of endorphins calms the spirit, mind, and body, reducing stress and warding off anxiety and depression.  Even better, laughter bolsters the immune system.” – Michelle P. Taylor- Director of Community Care Alliance, Providence Journal.

The Sunday after Easter is Holy Humor Sunday.  The idea is that it is God who gets the last laugh over the devil- with the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The empty tomb is the symbol that Jesus lives- and now we have abundant and everlasting life as well!  That is something that is worth celebrating.  So, on Holy Humor Sunday- we can let our hair down a little.  We may sing silly songs, or tell some jokes. 

Trade secret number 2:  Traditionally Easter Sunday is well attended, and then attendance would drop the next Sunday.  “Even pastors take that Sunday off!   Not me, I like to keep the Easter momentum going- so Holy Humor Sunday is my hook”.     

We need to laugh.  These are serious times, and a little levity can go a long way.

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