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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Volume 13, Issue 06
Paul E. Bombardier,  Editor
June, 2020
Member Bio -  Donald Jones.

(Editor Note: This Bio is reprinted and edited from the July 2010 issue of the Chatter for the benefit of newer members who have joined since then.)


Donald was born and raised  In Winchester, VA. on May 4th, 1929. He attended Handley High School and was a member of the Sarah Zane Fire Co. until it closed. Don was  drafted into the U.S. Army in December, 1950, and was sent to Fort Jackson, S.C. for Basic training, and after graduation in March 1951, he was transferred to 

Jones, Don 02.png

  Fort Lewis, WA where he boarded a troop ship on his way to Japan. He then was assigned to a company based near Mt. Fuji where more  

testing would decide what his job would be. He started as a Motor gunner, then a Runner and finally as a Radio operator.

          He was transferred to the 25th div, 34th regiment and they moved out of Seoul to their position at the 38th parallel in the Kumhwa valley, and while enroute were visited and bombed by “Bed-Check Charlie”. Their first job after setting up their positions was to baby-sit a tank with a 12 inch cannon.  

          They patched up broken phone lines and went out on patrol to determine where the enemy was breaking

through the lines. Don slept with the radio at his head so he could call in the “Blue Boys” (Air Force) when they were needed.

          When his tour was completed in August, 1952, Don left Korea for Camp Stoneman, CA. After two days, he boarded a plane for Fort Meade, MD. Then after two months, he was discharged and assigned to the reserves for five years. He returned home, and there found his future wife Doris Delford.


Jones, Don 01.png

Don & Doris at the Greenwood Baptist Church in May, 2016 attending the Veterans Appreciation Day Service and Luncheon.

Don then went to work for the Air National Guard in Martinsburg, WV. He worked in Post Supply until retiring at the age of 60 on May 4th, 1989. Don and Doris were married in Hagerstown, MD. In 1953, Don and Doris were blessed with four children, Becky, Greg, Tim and Christel. And many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  

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