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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Volume 13, Issue 10
Paul E. Bombardier,  Editor
October, 2020

 Doug spent  his first tour from 1978-79 assigned to the 6130th Tactical Control flight out of Osan AFB, Korea. That was quite a wake up call for him. He never knew much about Korea, but it really gave him an appreciation for the life he left behind in the U,S, Even though it had been 25 years since the war ended, he saw signs of it every day and how it still affected the Korean people. Once again, much of his time was spent on remote TDYs, usually North of Seoul and sometimes on mountain tops with views into North Korea. Driving in convoys to their deployments took him through small villages and farmlands where they were treated like heroes. All of the people and especially the children would run out and wave shouting "We love America". Lasting impressions  and respect for those who sacrificed their service during the war he would never forget.

Although Doug loved the Air Force and was given early promotions, he decided that the best way to provide a better life for his family, was to take his skill set to the commercial market. He sent his resume to the Atlantic Research Corp. engineers he met back in New Mexico, and was offered a job as a Senior Technician at their EMI/RFI lab in VA. This introduced him to the world of MIL-STD electromagnetic and radio-frequency emissions and interference testing. During the next year, Doug found himself travelling the country conducting RF Site surveys for new microwave and satellite installations, and tracking down all types of interference problems between like and unlike systems for a variety of customers. Eventually, one of the customers offered him a job as their Laboratory Manager.

Doug joined Comsearch in October 1980 at a time when it's young business was starting to expand. Comsearch specialized in spectrum managament and frequency engineering with customers such as MCI and Sprint who were competing with AT&T as well as the growing satellite industry for the same shared frequency spectrum. 

During the 1980's, Doug travelled the US performing interference surveys and investigations  between both commercial and government systems. He remembers performing measurements in some iconic locations and situations, including the top of the World Trade Center and the top of the Pan Am building in NYC and the 90th floor ledge of the Sears Tower center in Chicago, the roof of the US Capitol ( and other unnamed Washington Buildings).

As the 1980's came to an end, balancing work and home life became more challenging and Doug went through a difficult divorce. On the positive side, he met Robin and they married in June 1991.

On the business front things were going great. Doug worked his way up through the ranks at Comsearch, becoming an executive, surviving a couple of acquisitions as the company grew and eventually became President of the company in early 1999. The company's business grew internationally and was eventually acquired by larger companies.


Through the first decade of the 2000's, Doug took over larger business units involving geolocation systems deployments (for 911 cellular systems) antenna installations, program management, electronics repair, software development and service.

Doug found himself with quite a diverse portfolio of operations with people and contracts all over the world. It was interesting and took him to every continent except Antarctica. However after 31 years, 5 mergers and acquisitions, and earning his way to the highest frequent flyer category with multiple airlines, he decided it was time to slow it down  and retired (the first time) at the end of 2011.


After a couple years of home projects, spending time with the grandkids and a little vacation traveling, he got a call from an old business colleague. He owned a relatively small consulting company that conducted radiation hazard surveys and assessments for RF transmission sites to ensure compliance with FCC regulations.

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