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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Lewis M. Ewing,   Editor
December 2016

       Don Netschke

Where has the time gone? At our age it seems that each day or month passes by all too quickly It seems as if just a couple months ago Itook command of our Chapter. But within just a little over one month, on January 1,you will have a new commander in 

.charge of the Chapter year of 2017. I wish him much success.  Further, I request that the mem­bership continue to give their total support for moving our Chapter for­ward to broadening our commitment to the prin­- ciples on which our Chap­ter purpose is founded.

      Be reminded that no commander can succeed in his leadership with­ out strong support from the base membership itself. Every member is responsible to ensure that they are contributors to the success of the Chapters mission. I am confident that the officers and former officers of our Chapter will continue to support and provide guidance  when called upon.

      Having said that, I wish to extend my appreciation for all that they  have rendered in support of my year as your commander. As to the growth in our Chapter membership, I stand at attention and salute each of you for your job well done.

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Dec 3  All Veterans breakfast at the Golden Corral. Be seated by 8:25am.

Dec 6 SVC-KWVA Board of Directors meeting at Macedonia UMC @ 9:00am


Dec 7 Pearl Harbor Day  (1941).

Dec 7 "Concert of Remembrance" at the Front Royal Presbyterian Church @ 12:30pm presented by Beverly Clark.

{See full article on page 6.)

Dec 8 Chapter #100 Regional Christmas Party at the American Legion building in Springfield, VA @ 12:00  noon.

Dec 13 SVC-KWVA Annual Meeting and Election of Officers for 2017. Meeting at the American Legion Post #21 building: Lunch @  1:00pm  Meeting @ 2:00pm

Dec 21 First day of Winter .



Jerry White               December 10, 1932

Lawrence McNealy  December 13, 1956

Marshall DeHaven   December 13, 1931

Ed Ringoot                December 17, 1932

Ray  Aston                December 21, 1931        

Doug Purnell            December 21, 1931

Edgar White, Jr.       December 29, 1929

Allen Stine                December 31, 1964

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