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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Paul E. Bombardier,   Editor
January 2017

 Commander Ray Ewing

Greetings to you at the beginning of a new year from your new Commander. May the new year be as fruitful as the one we  have just com-  pleted and may the bond of fellowship that we enjoy,  continues to be 

as strong. As I stated in my comments when installed, I am honored to serve as your commander.

    I feel the monthly membership meetings where we really appreciate this bond is our most important “event”. Therefore, this year the meeting will be simplified somewhat with emphasis placed on the social/fellowship aspect. The Board of Directors will transact the business as required to operate the chapter and report to the membership as necessary. Also, this year a more rigorous attempt will be made to get the “word” out in a timely fashion concerning events and activities. The dissemination of information in a timely manner is paramount for the effective and efficient operation of any organization. Activities Coordinator Josh Morimoto and Membership Communications Coordinator Charles Hoak and I have discussed this effort.  I will be asking that the agenda for the upcoming monthly meeting and a schedule events and activities will be sent out via email and /or hard copy to the membership prior to the meeting. This will inform you of what is coming up and give ample time to plan to participate if you wish to do so.  I am aware that there is little interest in some of the events listed on the calendar, however there are events where good representation is desired, and therefore we will be identifying those and will be encouraging attendance. 

Lastly, I encourage feedback and suggestions from the membership on any subject you are interested in or you feel would be of interest to the chapter.


Jan 3 SVC-KWVA Board of Directors meeting at Macedonia UMC @ 9:00am


Jan 7  All Veterans breakfast at the Golden Corral. Be seated by 8:25am.

Jan 10 Chapter #313 Monthly member meeting @ Post 21 American Legion. Lunch @ 1:00 pm. Meeting @ 2:00 pm


Stephen Culbert        January 01,1933

Edward Marshall      January 01,1935

Harold Miller             January 01, 1930

Leonard Laconia       January 10,1931

James Markley         January 10, 1933

Marilyn Bremilst       January 15,1953

Francis Hudson        January 31,1928

Edmund Reel            January 31,1929


Billy Scott      January 01, 2017


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