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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Lewis M. Ewing, Editor
August 2016

PRIDE - what does this mean to you? Webster defines it as the quality or state of being proud, as a reasonable or justifiable self-respect, or delight or elation arising from some act or possession.

Don Netschke

    Pride is a necessary ingredient in every man's life. You take pride in your home by keeping it painted and repaired and yes, even cutting the grass and trimming the shrubs. You take pride in your new automobile by keeping it clean, polished and tuned up. You show pride in yourself by

looking neat and well-groomed and you exhibit pride in your family by showing pictures of your newest grandchild.

    Pride is a necessary ingredient in the maintenance and growth of our Chapter and organization. A mem-ber who does not have pride in what he does as a member cannot be a strong contributing member. A member takes pride in his membership by attending meetings whenever he can, and participates in the conduct of those meetings when able, will volunteer to contribute his energies in undertaking the workings of our organization. He will exhibit his pride by doing the job   (con't on page 4)


Aug 2

Aug 6

Aug 9


Aug 11

Aug 16

SVC-KWVA Board of Directors Meeting

@ Macedonia U M Church @ 9:00am.

All Veterans Breakfast @ Golden Corral. Be seated by 8:15 am.

SVC-KWVA Membership meeting at the

American Legion Post #21 building:

     Lunch @ 1:00pm

     Meeting @ 2:00pm

SVC-KWVA Family Dinner at Longhorn

Steakhouse @ 6:00pm

Former member Doug Fargo's funeral

services at Arlington National Cemetery

Time - TBD.

The only  good reason

to ride a BULL

is to meet a nurse!

Quote from Bill Scott


    Gayle DeHaven

    Ashby Lloyd

    Jerry Lunt

    Rodney Crowley

    James Miller

    John Shenk

    Raleigh Watson

    Ed Ellis

    Bill Misenheimer

    Wendell Hott

    Buck Thompson

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