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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Lewis M. Ewing, Editor
August 2016

We want to welcome Robert R. (Rob) Shirley as a new member of our Chapter. Rob, who is single, lives in Capon Bridge, WV. He is semi-retired having worked at Rubbermaid and in the construction industry. He served in the United States Marine Corps with the 35MAU stationed on Okinawa in 1985-1986. His unit was deployed to Korea on two separate occasions to Camp Unchon with the 3rd Marine Division, 12th Regiment, 2nd Battalion, HQ Battery with the rank of Lance Corporal. He currently spends the majority of his time working with Church Ministries and as a volunteer at CCAP.

  Please take the time to introduce yourself to Rob and welcome him as a new member. 


    Allen Stine                             August 11,2016

    Barbara Lewis                      August 18, 2016

    Alfred carter                         August 20, 2016

When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become President. I'm beginning to believe it!

                                  Clarence Darrow


On Wednesday, June 29th, Robert  Anderson, Charles Hoak, Bill Scott and Josh Morimoto met at the Legion Building and headed to Washington, D.C. The first stop was the PX at Fort Myer, home of the 3rd Infantry Division, (The Old Guard) for lunch at Subway. After lunch the group went to Arlington National Cemetery for a briefing on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers.

A Member of the Honor Guard proudly 

guards the Tomb of the Unknowns

at Arlington National Cemetery

The briefing was conducted by a staff sergeant who was a member of the Old Guard and lasted about 45 minutes. It was very informative, giving details about the length and amount of training involved in being part of the unit guarding the Tomb of the Unknowns. After the briefing, the group watched the changing of the guard ceremony, then headed back to the Visitors Center. Unfortunately there wasn't enough time to return to Fort Myer to see the Caisson barn so they headed home. It was a very nice day and everyone was glad they had the opportunity to go. 

(Thanks to Robert Anderson for writing this article.)

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