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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Paul E. Bombardier, Editor
May, 2017

Charles Hoak 

At last month’s BOD meeting it was proposed that we provide an individual directory for each member of our Chapter that would be maintained when new members were added. The pages for each binder or member would include the 

member’s name, address, phone number, email address (optional), spouse, military service, awards, family, career, and special hobbies/achievement.  There will be a space for additional biographical information if desired.  We would like two pictures:  one current and one when in service, if you have one.

Charles Hoak is the chair of this project.  He will be able to give any assistance to you that may be required.  His address is 350 Longview Lane, Winchester, VA 22602, phone number is (540)-665-0828, and email is

Upon completion of the directories, they will be issued at no cost to every member.

April 21 & 22 Fund Raiser

Despite the best efforts of Mother Nature, the fund raiser was not a total washout. The Chapter was able to perform both days. The Friday morning started out with spotty sunshine for several hours, but turned to sprinkles and drizzle about the first shift change @ 10:0 am. Our fund raiser chairman Dick Boxwell reported that activities went on for two days, and were well attended. Because of the rain however, Saturday’s event was terminated at 4:00 pm. A further report on this successful event will be made at the next meeting.


Rev. Raleigh Watson

Elsewhere in this issue of the “Chatter” on page 4, you will find an obituary for another of our members – Billy Evans. Please pray for repose of his soul and comfort for his family. His services were in North Carolina, so we were  

unable to attend as a Chapter. Billy’s death is the latest in a long series for the past year or two, and it prompts me to suggest to you – to do something that I recommend to members of my own congregation. Sit down with your clergyman and make plans for your own funeral service. You can make things much easier for your family and your minister, and be assured that your wishes be accomplished. You can select hymns, type of service, and even write a tentative obituary – assuring that the items you want in it are included. If you do this, It doesn’t make the event happen any sooner, but helps ease the load for your family when it does! I know that some of you have done this – everyone should!


Here are some of comrades who are on our current concerns list, who would really appreciate a call – even a short one. Please call one of these:


Millard Pippin –       home – 540-667-1876

Charles Boyce –         cell – 304-263-0811

John Moreland –     home-  540-550-8199

Leonard Laconia –  home - 540-667-1716

Don Jones –            home – 540-869-1958

Bud Robertson –        cell – 540-877-9132

Ecclesiastes 9:12

Moreover, No one Knows when their Time will Come.

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