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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Lewis M. Ewing, Editor
October 2016

    I think we will all agree this was a very hot summer. I was beginning to feel like I was back in the tropics. Having spent over 22 years living in the Philippines and southern Florida, I was much, much, much younger then. You expected warm temperatures year-round. I'm looking forward to the pleasant days of fall, bringing more pleasant daytime and nighttime temperatures.  An additional pleasure of fall is enjoying the beautiful coloring of our Valley forest as it adorns itself with its bright colors.

Don Netschke

     But wait, what awaits us after fall has passed. Let us not dwell on slippery roads and shoveling snow but let us hope that spring comes soon.

    This summer has been very busy for our Chapter. For those who have taken a part in our various public functions, you should be proud of

what you have been part of - reminding those who do not wish to remember, or have not been schooled concerning the United States military's effort to quell the advancement of communism. A line was drawn and we stepped forward to defend a country and government from being swallowed up and imprisoned by communist rule.


                                           (con't on page 7)



A Government which robs Peter to pay Paul will always have the support of Paul.

                       George Bernard Shaw



  Oct 1

  Oct 4


  Oct 10


  Oct 11

  Oct 31


All Veterans Breakfast @ Golden Corral. Be seated by 8:15 am.

SVC-KWVA Board of Directors Meeting

@ Macedonia U.M. Church @ 9:00am.

Columbus Day

KWVA Annual National Convention.

SVC-KWVA Membership meeting at the

American Legion Post #21 building:

     Lunch    @ 1:00pm

     Meeting @ 2:00pm





    Josh Morimoto

    Tony Bucaloy

    David Mills

    Dick Clark

    Edwin Sharp

    Ray Ewing

    Jack Keep

    J. Jones

October 2, 1943

October 6, 1933

October 6, 1935

October 10, 1929

October 1, 1934

October 24, 1933

October 28, 1934

October 30, 1937


    Priscilla Staples

    John Staples

    Raleigh Watson


    October 10, 2016

    October 10, 2016

    October 10, 2016


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