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The Official Newsletter of the
Shenandoah Valley Chapter #313
Korean War Veterans Association
Lewis M. Ewing, Editor
June 2016

(L TO R) Charles Hoak, Lew Ewing, Bill Scott, Jack Kronenberger, Narce Caliva and Don Netschke

saw the blue lights come on at the same time and after a few expletives, Charles thought it best to stop and let the trooper have a few words. (When Charles travels to meetings, etc. he has magnetic KWVA signs on the doors of his Escalade). As the trooper approached us, I'm sure he saw the signs and then he saw the 4 of us with patches and brass on our shirts. He and Charles had a nice chat and then one of us saw that the troopers name was Ewing and three of us said well he is a Ewing too - pointing to Lew. Then, the question, are you from Virginia? No, said the trooper - Pennsylvania. He was

     The Department of Virginia-KWVA had a meeting planned for Saturday, May 14th, and a number of us decided that we would attend. It was a beautiful day so those riding with Charles - Lew, Bill and Jack - decided that we would take the scenic route which was Rt. 522 almost all the way to our destination. For some reason we had to make a few U-turns and pit stops but we arrived safe and sound only 15 minutes late. That worked out OK as the program was a little late starting.

     At any rate it was not a meeting but rather a ceremony at the Virginia War Memorial, in the Shrine of Memory. MG Shin Kyong Soo was in attendance and presented approximately 20 Korean Veterans with their Peace Medals. It was a brief affair and a light lunch was served at the end.

     Following the ceremony, those in our car visited the Hollywood Cemetery across the street from the Virginia War Memorial.

     Now the interesting part. We all decided to come back home the way we came as the scenery was much nicer than via the interstate. Well somewhere between Mineral and Culpepper we came over a rise in the road and a VA State Trooper was coming over the same rise in the opposite direction. We all 

not a relative!

     In conclusion, the Trooper said "that was a 45 MPH zone you were in when I saw you. Why were you driving so fast - do you have an emergency of some kind"? Charles replied, "no, these old men in the car were talking and they were distracting me". The Trooper replied, "Yeh, yeh, blame it on the old men", and laughed. He then said, "why don't you take it a little EZ on the rest of the trip"? We know one thing for sure, Charles either has a horseshoe in the trunk or a rabbits foot in his pocket!!!

     If you would like more info or details, ask Charles. Thanks again Charles for doing all of the driving. By the way Don and Narce were in another vehicle.

Submitted by Jack Kronenberger    

One Sunday morning

as they were on the way to Church

little Herb Taylor's Mother asked,

"Why is it necessary

to be quiet in Church?"

Herb replied,

"because people are sleeping!"

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